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Odour Removal


Top Class Valeters are proud to announce the latest in technology ….





Autosmart Aromatek Odour Neutralisation



AROMATEK is the latest advancement in the safe and permanent elimination of malodours from your vehicles interior, such as those produced by tobacco smoke, animals or food. This system in conjunction with the ( Neutrox Treatment ) uses a dry  vapour produced from a blend of over 32 natural essential oils that neutralise and permanently remove the malodour. Many traditional remedies only mask the odour but this system penetrates every crack and crevice getting into all the fibres of seats, carpets and head-lining of your vehicle so the odour will be gone for good.

 It can also re-odourise and refresh "stale" interiors. Unlike conventional air fresheners the dry vapour produced by this system penetrates deep in to the porous surfaces inside the vehicle, this means it is more effective at re-odourising than any conventional air freshener. The Re-odourising treatment is designed to mask the malodour and various fragrances are available.
Unlike other vehicle odour removal solutions Arometek will not stain the upholstery or mark any surface inside your vehicle and is completely safe. Also suitable for caravans and boats.

 Prices from £30.00 depending on whether you choose a one or two hour treatment and the size of your vehicle.